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  1. Press release: Quality houmous rebrands as The Precious Pod

    January 31, 2017 by Elisabeth

    Sleeve design of new rebrand for organic houmous makers, The Precious Pod
    31 January 2017: An ethical and award-winning houmous company is rebranding as The Precious Pod to announce its unique quality.

    The Precious Pod rebrand includes a name change (from Natural Vitality), new packaging, and a new website

    The rebrand also includes an ingredient upgrade, as the Precious Pod – certified organic by the Soil Association – switches from organic sunflower oil to organic extra virgin olive oil which has the additional health benefits of being anti-inflammatory with high levels of antioxidants. 

    The new sleeve design by brand design agency, The Collaborators, reflects the extra virgin olive oil upgrade with gold lettering, and introduces deep, bright colours for each of the six houmous flavours: Organic Classic, Organic Smoked, Organic Turmeric, Organic Red Pepper, Organic Kalamata andOrganic Rose Harissa.

    In addition, the designers have created a bespoke, handwritten typeface for the brand name as well as a cut-out of the protein-packed chickpea – which grow one or two per pod hence precious – on the sleeve.

    After a soft launch in December 2016, co-owners Ayleen Driver and Mark Rawson are already seeing positive results.

    Ayleen Driver says:

    “Sales of Organic Rose Harissa doubled in a week. We are offering an authentically-made houmous that is as good as homemade. We cook the chickpeas from scratch and pack more in the pot, about 65%, than most other houmous makers. So our houmous is more than just a dip, it is a nourishing dish. We don’t claim to make the cheapest houmous, there are plenty of people offering bland and boring houmous. Instead, we want to heighten your tasting pleasure. The Precious Pod rebrand makes our houmous stand out from the crowd and announces its unique taste, and outstanding quality.”

    The Precious Pod retails in all good food stores including Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and other wholefood stores and delis in London. The Precious Pod also sells online at Planet Organic

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    Chick pea pod with green leaf and The Precious Pod in lettering