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    May 23, 2019 by Elisabeth

    For the first time, the original hitchhikers feature on the cover

    Confessions of a Hitch-hiker by Adrian Reid is the story of George and Hardy who meet in the South of France in 1966. Living to the beat of the Sixties, the teenage girls hit the road, hitch-hiking around Europe and Morocco.

    The 1970 bestseller is to be published as an ebook for the first time in June 2019.

    The late author met the two hitch-hikers thumbing a lift in Marble Arch in 1968. Hardy says of the encounter: “George and I never walked anywhere, not even to the end of the street. Adrian drove us to Knightsbridge, wanted to hear more of our story and seemed to understand we were free spirits.”

    A cult classic, Confessions of a Hitch-hiker continues to be held in regard by readers who appreciate travel, freedom and adventure. Adrian Reid captured the hope and innocence of the Sixties with humour and tenderness.

    The ebook publication is published by his widow, Elisabeth Winkler, who is simultaneously digitally publishing her short memoir of Adrian Reid, called Ashes. Ashes was shortlisted for Fish Publishing 2013 awards.

    Book cover design by Ian Usher

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