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  1. Mistakes do happen

    August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

    O the irony.

    I wrote

    “Each post needs to be crafted to create a succinct, correctly-spelled, accurate and must-read message.”

    Then, on Twitter, I noticed I had earlier made a spelling mistake! Horrors.

    I wrote more instead of mere. So I immediately corrected it (the beauty of the web as compared to print).

    I have been known to delete Tweets as well (once I am sure no one has retweeted them).


    Natural remedies for athletes…and mere mortals @bristol247@NYRBristolstore  (I meant ‘mere’ not ‘more’!).

    Mistakes do happen. We rectify them as soon as possible.
    As the sages say: mistakes are “the jewel in the crown” because so much can be learned.
    My learning? Don’t tweet when I am hungry and thinking: I will just do this before I eat.