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  1. Increasing Likes with Facebook advertising

    August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

    I was a bit snooty about advertising at first – it goes against the grain to PAY for being in the spotlight.

    But then I realised I was responding to ads as a punter.

    So we started experimenting with Facebook advertising.

    I saw such good results for reasonable costs, I am now a convert.

    What’s a Facebook ad?

    They are on the right-hand margin when you are on Facebook.

    I just went on Facebook to get a real-life example and saw that a friend Likes

    Plaster, latex and painted casts. Bespoke service. Bristol based artist Sophie Noonan.

    So I clicked ‘Like”. And was happy to do so. I did not find the advert intrusive. In fact it was valuable.

    (Sophie Noonan is a friend of one of my team – so…perfect. Feel-good vibes all round!).

    We create a Facebook advert with your approved words and image.

    Facebook ads are highly-targeted: we can specify whose attention we want to catch.

    For instance, people are who are into eco/organic/natural, are aged about 30-40, and live in London.

    We are currently preparing a campaign using a whizzy-whazzy competition app.

    Watch this space!