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August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

I have a small team of trusted people who help me Tweet and Facebook for clients.

I used to do it all myself but in order to achieve regular updates, I had to share the load.

We discuss weekly (at least) what to communicate.

We discuss how to increase Followers and Likes, and what posts work best and what is pressing.

We reply as soon as possible to comments, and aim for warm and lively interactions.

What goes into a Tweet?

A Tweet or Facebook post can sometimes take a good 15 minutes.

One’s online reputation is at stake so it is crucial to get it right.

Each post needs to be crafted to create a succinct, correctly-spelled, accurate and must-read message.

When linking to an article, we make sure its content is appropriate and in-line with the client’s values.

We always try to create worthwhile content.

Life is too short to be inane!


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