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  1. Mistakes do happen

    August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

    O the irony.

    I wrote

    “Each post needs to be crafted to create a succinct, correctly-spelled, accurate and must-read message.”

    Then, on Twitter, I noticed I had earlier made a spelling mistake! Horrors.

    I wrote more instead of mere. So I immediately corrected it (the beauty of the web as compared to print).

    I have been known to delete Tweets as well (once I am sure no one has retweeted them).


    Natural remedies for athletes…and mere mortals @bristol247@NYRBristolstore http://bit.ly/SqVqEr  (I meant ‘mere’ not ‘more’!).

    Mistakes do happen. We rectify them as soon as possible.
    As the sages say: mistakes are “the jewel in the crown” because so much can be learned.
    My learning? Don’t tweet when I am hungry and thinking: I will just do this before I eat.

  2. Social media

    August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

    I have a small team of trusted people who help me Tweet and Facebook for clients.

    I used to do it all myself but in order to achieve regular updates, I had to share the load.

    We discuss weekly (at least) what to communicate.

    We discuss how to increase Followers and Likes, and what posts work best and what is pressing.

    We reply as soon as possible to comments, and aim for warm and lively interactions.

    What goes into a Tweet?

    A Tweet or Facebook post can sometimes take a good 15 minutes.

    One’s online reputation is at stake so it is crucial to get it right.

    Each post needs to be crafted to create a succinct, correctly-spelled, accurate and must-read message.

    When linking to an article, we make sure its content is appropriate and in-line with the client’s values.

    We always try to create worthwhile content.

    Life is too short to be inane!


  3. Increasing Likes with Facebook advertising

    August 16, 2012 by Elisabeth

    I was a bit snooty about advertising at first – it goes against the grain to PAY for being in the spotlight.

    But then I realised I was responding to ads as a punter.

    So we started experimenting with Facebook advertising.

    I saw such good results for reasonable costs, I am now a convert.

    What’s a Facebook ad?

    They are on the right-hand margin when you are on Facebook.

    I just went on Facebook to get a real-life example and saw that a friend Likes

    Plaster, latex and painted casts. Bespoke service. Bristol based artist Sophie Noonan.

    So I clicked ‘Like”. And was happy to do so. I did not find the advert intrusive. In fact it was valuable.

    (Sophie Noonan is a friend of one of my team – so…perfect. Feel-good vibes all round!).

    We create a Facebook advert with your approved words and image.

    Facebook ads are highly-targeted: we can specify whose attention we want to catch.

    For instance, people are who are into eco/organic/natural, are aged about 30-40, and live in London.

    We are currently preparing a campaign using a whizzy-whazzy competition app.

    Watch this space!