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Elisabeth Winkler

I am a journalist working with small companies and big causes to create compelling evidence-based communications.

I craft and broadcast accurate and timely social media messages, blogs and articles, finding refreshing ways to communicate to the public. I know how to talk to other journalists and editors when it comes to attention-grabbing press releases.

Together, we share your powerful messages.

More about Elisabeth Winkler

A journalist published in all the UK broadsheets including the Independent on Sunday, I have interviewed my share of big names such as Oliver Sacks and Boy George.

After 18 months as political columnist, Earthmother, in the Bristol Evening Post, I was editor for the Soil Association for eight years (2001 to 2009) including editor of Living Earth, news editor of Organic Farming and editor of the relaunched 1946 journal, Mother Earth.

An early adopter of social media, I launched the Soil Association on Facebook and Twitter in 2008. My food blog Real Food Lover was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers 2009 New Media Awards.

Versatile communicator

I am a versatile communicator, including public speaking, playwriting and acting. I was shortlisted in the Fish Publishing Short Memoir 2013 Awards. In 2015, I was commissioned by Changing Face Collective to write a verbatim play based on hundreds of interviews with people affected by accelerated gentrification in Lambeth. Where Will We Live? received a four-star review from The Stage. In 2016, I played York in a regendered Barded Ladies production of Henry VI part 3 in the Bristol Shakespearian Festival.


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